Restoration Schedule

Spring 2016

The project site prep will begin. A building will be demoed and ground will be filled and graded for a proper job site. Logs will be arriving to CBMM, debarked, and stored on site. On the academic side, a symposium made up of Maritime preservation specialists will be hosted at CBMM to review the project process.

Summer 2016

The sawmill will be set over the summer in preparation for a fall start to the project. During the summer months new staff will arrive and the annual maintenance of the historic fleet will take place like every year.

Fall 2016

The logs will begin to be moved onto the sawmill and rough shaped before being set aside for the next step of pinning them together.

Winter 2016-17

Logs will continue to be shaped and pinned together with traditional tools.

Spring 2017

By the end of spring, the new log hull will be assembled and the original four frames present in the bugeye will be located and installed to reinforce the hull.

Summer 2017

The original Edna E. Lockwood will be craned onto the job site, the sawmill will be broken down and stored in its new permanent location. The original hull will be cut off and the new one positioned under the topsides of Edna.

Fall 2017

New stems, hatches, additional structure will be installed on Edna. Sails will be sent out to have new ones made. 

Winter 2017-2018

Winter will be used for interior work, outfitting the boat to the original layout. This is also the time that is set aside for catching up on any details overlooked so far in the project.

Spring/Summer 2018

Edna will have all paints and finished applied in the warmer months. Centerboard will be installed. Masts will be put back on the boat, along with bowsprit, rudder, and rigging.

Fall 2018

Edna  will be placed on the marine railway and launched at OysterFest, the last Saturday in October.